Looking for a place to go with your girlfriends on a Friday night? What about your coworkers? Or a client you want to impress? What if you are just looking for a really good drink?

At Mi Cocina, right outside The Woodlands Mall, you can find some of the best margaritas in town. Made with real fruit purees and quality tequila, these well served mexican favourites will definitely impress even the strictest of palates.

Fruit margaritas: Both the mango and strawberry margaritas know how to balance the sweet with the tart. You can taste the tequila and its warmth as it makes its way down your throat.

Jalapeno margarita: This exotic take on margarita is a recent addition to the drink menu. Jalapeno, coupled with rich agave nectar make the perfect smoky combination.

Not a margarita person? Try their home made sangria. Its served with three layers of tropical fruit and a piece of fresh cane sugar.

Need a kicker? Mi Cocina’s signature drink, Mambo Taxi, is a combination of their home made sangria with traditional frozen margarita. Why choose when you don’t have to?

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